India's Fast Charging Technology

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Efficient Charging

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Moving Towards Green Energy

Join our network of EV Charging Stations and explore the never seen before experience of DC Fast Chargers

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Fast Charging Technology

Industry Standard Fast Charging Technology to support the Next Generation EVs.

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Easy Payment Solutions

Seamless Integration with various payment and billing options which enables easy and secure payments through UrzzaGo App or RFID Card.

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User Friendly Application

UrzzaGo is a very user friendly application with a range of features like discovery of charging stations, planning your trips based on the charging stations and so on.

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EV Charging in 4 Simple Steps









EV Drive Made Stress Free with UrzzaGo EV Charging Mobile App

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India's Fastest Public EV Charger Network

To solve the main problem of the EV owners - Range Anxiety, we are building a EV fast charger network across the indian highways, so that the EV owners can drive through without the fear of running out of power.

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and explore near by DC Fast charges.

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