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Franchise Benefits

  • Get Benefit from Our Established Brand
  • Exclusive charger rights for your franchise location
  • Expand customer base and increase traffic to your business
  • Marketing and advertising covarge to drive customer
  • Access to our network and strategic partnerships
  • Ongoing technical assistance and maintenance support
  • App less payments with Smart Charge Card

Our Franchise Model

Invest in the Future: Partner with Urzza for Lucrative EV Charging Investments

Urzza AC-X Series Chargers

  • Low charging capacity
  • Low installation costs
  • Best for resorts, hotels or residential areas
  • Dynamic load share
  • Capacity range :

    7kw - 43 kw

Urzza DC-Z Series Chargers

  • Faster charging speeds than AC chargers
  • Higher charging capacity
  • Best for locations with moderate charging demand
  • Dynamic load share
  • Capacity range :

    30kw - 60kw

Urzza DC-Z+ Series Chargers

  • Can accommodate two cars at once Dynamic load share
  • Fast charging speeds
  • Best for high-traffic locations
  • Dynamic load share
  • Capacity range :

    30kw - 90kw

Urzza DC - Prime Series Chargers

  • Ultra-Fast charging speeds CCS Type 2 Dual Gun
  • Can accommodate two or more cars at once
  • Suitable for high-traffic locations
  • CCS Type 2 Dual Gun
  • Capacity range :

    120kw - 180kw

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